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SMTCoq is a Coq plugin that checks proof witnesses coming from external SAT and SMT solvers. It provides:

Installation and use

SMTCoq is freely available on GitHub. It is currently availaible for Coq-8.9 (and native-coq). A release together with an opam package will be available soon.

See the examples to see how to use SMTCoq.

SMTCoq is distributed under the CeCILL-C license.


Here is a very small example of the possibilities of SMTCoq: automatic proofs in group theory.

Section group.
  Variable e : Z, inv : Z -> Z, op : Z -> Z -> Z.

  Hypothesis associative :
    forall a b c, op a (op b c) = op (op a b) c.
  Hypothesis identity : forall a, (op e a = a).
  Hypothesis inverse : forall a, (op (inv a) a = e).

  Add_lemmas associative identity inverse.

  Lemma identity' :
    forall a, (op a e = a).
  Proof. smt. Qed.

  Lemma inverse' :
    forall a, (op a (inv a) = e).
  Proof. smt. Qed.

  Lemma unique_identity e':
    (forall z, op e' z = z) -> e' = e.
  Proof. intros pe'; smt pe'. Qed.

End group.


Current team

Past contributors



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Other publications

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Overview of SMTCoq (February, 2019)