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SMTCoq is a Coq plugin that checks proof witnesses coming from external SAT and SMT solvers. It provides:

Installation and use

SMTCoq is freely available as an opam package and on GitHub.

To use the CVC4 SMT solver, you must download the lfsc branch.


These three features will be merged in a realease to come in December 2018.

SMTCoq is distributed under the CeCILL-C license.


Current team

Past contributors



A Modular Integration of SAT/SMT Solvers to Coq through Proof Witnesses, Armand, Michaël; Faure, Germain; Grégoire, Benjamin; Keller, Chantal; Thery, Laurent; Werner, Benjamin, CPP - Certified Programs and Proofs - First International Conference - 2011.

Other publications

  1. SMTCoq: A plug-in for integrating SMT solvers into Coq (Tool Paper), Ekici, Burak; Mebsout, Alain; Tinelli, Cesare; Keller, Chantal; Katz, Guy; Reynolds, Andrew; Barrett, Clark, CAV - International Conference on Computer Aided Verification - 2017.
  2. Extending SMTCoq, a Certified Checker for SMT (Extended Abstract), Ekici, Burak; Katz, Guy; Keller, Chantal; Mebsout, Alain; Reynolds, Andrew; Tinelli, Cesare, HaTT - on Hammers for Type Theories - First International Workshop - 2016.
  3. Verifying SAT and SMT in Coq for a fully automated decision procedure, Armand, Mickaël; Faure, Germain; Grégoire, Benjamin; Keller, Chantal; Théry, Laurent; Wener, Benjamin, PSATTT - International Workshop on Proof-Search in Axiomatic Theories and Type Theories - 2011.