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Communication between Coq and SAT/SMT solvers



SMTCoq is a Coq plugin that checks proof witnesses coming from external SAT and SMT solvers. It provides:

Installation and use

SMTCoq is freely available as an opam package and on GitHub. See the file for instructions on how to install SMTCoq and the supported provers.

See the examples to see how to use SMTCoq. More details are given in the file.

SMTCoq is distributed under the CeCILL-C license.


If you have any question or remark, you are invited to join the SMTCoq forum.

Bugs can be reported on github.


Here is a very small example of the possibilities of SMTCoq: automatic proofs in group theory.

From SMTCoq Require Import SMTCoq.

Section Group.
  Variable G : Type.
  (* We suppose that G has a decidable equality *)
  Variable HG : CompDec G.
  Variable op : G -> G -> G.
  Variable inv : G -> G.
  Variable e : G.

  Local Notation "a ==? b" := (@eqb_of_compdec G HG a b) (at level 60).

  (* We can prove automatically that we have a group if we only have the
     "left" versions of the axioms of a group *)
  Hypothesis associative :
    forall a b c : G, op a (op b c) ==? op (op a b) c.
  Hypothesis inverse :
    forall a : G, op (inv a) a ==? e.
  Hypothesis identity :
    forall a : G, op e a ==? a.
  Add_lemmas associative inverse identity.

  Lemma inverse' :
    forall a : G, op a (inv a) ==? e.
  Proof. smt. Qed.

  Lemma identity' :
    forall a : G, op a e ==? a.
  Proof. smt inverse'. Qed.

  Lemma unique_identity e':
    (forall z, op e' z ==? z) -> e' ==? e.
  Proof. intros pe'; smt pe'. Qed.

End Group.

Want to participate?

SMTCoq is an ambitious, collaborative project: everyone is welcome! There are many and varied enhancement to do: join the SMTCoq forum to discuss!


Current team

Past contributors



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Other publications

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Overview of SMTCoq (February, 2019)